Partner Organizations

Board Developer Foundation partners with other organizations to provide an extensive network
of resources and services to nonprofits, strengthening the community.


Social Venture Partners

Agents of change. Social Venture Partners Arizona (“SVPAZ”) has a dual mission: developing
philanthropy and volunteerism among its members (Partners), and building the capacity of non-
profit organizations (Investees).

At SVPAZ, the fundamental question is, ‘What makes children successful?’ A child’s success
pivots around three critical issues: 1) Educational Opportunities, 2) Safety & Support, and 3)
Health & Wellness. SVPAZ provides expertise and funding to build organizational capacity and
increase impact to local nonprofits addressing these issues.

SVP invests in emerging nonprofits in the same way that venture capital funds invest in
emerging businesses. SVP Partners are experts in finance and accounting, strategic planning and
board development, human resources, fund development, and marketing and communications,
and provide incredible support and assistance to SVP Investees areas where they need it the
most. Since 1999, SVP has contributed over $4.3 million and 35,000 consultation-hours to more
than 100 nonprofits in the community.

SVP’s current investees include Linda Abril, I Can Math, and Homeless Youth Connection, and
have previously helped organizations including Camelback High School, feeding matters,
Bloom365, and many others.