The mission of the Board Developer Foundation (BDF) is to make a meaningful contribution to our community by building the capacity and strengthening the management of non-profit organizations in Maricopa County.

The Board Developer Foundation is committed to helping non-profit organizations increase their capacity, so they can better serve their communities.  Non-profit organizations are essential in providing services in our communities, serving a vast array of critical missions.  However, as essential as these non-profits are, they all too often focus almost entirely on their missions, with too little focus on sustainability.  To assist with this, the Board Developer Foundation provides experienced volunteers on a pro bono basis to work with selected non-profit organizations in the following broad areas:

  • Board Development
    • Board development is the ongoing process of building and maintaining strong governing boards in order to help Directors keep their organizations focused on meeting their missions effectively, with accountability and in compliance with the law.
  • Management Consulting & Mentoring
    • Our volunteers will work closely with board leaders and the organization's management to help them grow and thrive in today's economy.
  • Board Member Education
    • Board member education includes various topics from how to read and understand a non-profit financial statement, to helping individuals on the board understand how they can best serve the organization.

"We provide sustainability ... Period."

Board Developer Foundation is proud to partner with Social Venture Partners Arizona to continue to build the capacity of nonprofit organizations in the valley. Social Venture Partners cultivates effective philanthropists, strengthens nonprofits, and invests in collaborative solutions – building powerful relationships to tackle Arizona’s social challenges.


If these areas align with the need areas of your organization, please visit their website for more information.